You demand. We deliver.

We help enterprises set up cloud infrastructure and build applications on the cloud. Our cloud services are built on state-of-the-art technology and have the backing of our dedicated team of experts. Bened’s cloud solutions empower your planning, infrastructure, development, deployment, and management processes, ensuring that you don’t stray from the path to cloud success.

We help you meet your business goals, carefully assessing the risks and mitigating them to reduce inefficiencies during the entire period. Our cloud services help you manage costs, meet regulatory compliances, improve IT security, and enhance your business operations.

Bened’s cloud services are on-demand which means that you meet your constantly changing computing requirements with zero hassle! With the click of a button, scale your computing resources up or down, as per your needs. Our on-demand cloud services not only help meet your computing needs but also ensure lower cost of ownership. With our pay-per-use model, Bened’s on-demand computing services are simple-to-use and easy to scale. We offer easy access, integration, and support for our computing services so that your business operations continue uninterrupted. Signing up for our on-demand services is as easy as subscribing to an emailer.

Bened offers three types of cloud computing services :

  • Private: Our private cloud services offer cloud computing resources that are exclusive to your organization. They help you meet the most demanding storage, computing, and security needs.
  • Public: Public cloud services are beneficial for small to medium enterprises that don’t require an on-premise solution. Our solutions are ideal for web-based apps that require predictable performance, high-availability, and instant scalability.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid solution provides you the best mix of private and public cloud solutions that are perfect for your critical workload and security requirements.