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Siebel EAI Training

Siebel Workflow Process:

  1. Introduction to Workflow Process
  2. Components used in Workflow Process    
  3. Process designing
  4. Deploying the Workflow Process
  5. Simulating the Workflow Process
  6. Activating the Workflow Process
  7. Invoking Methods
  8. Runtime events
  9. Policies
  10. § Conditions
  11. § Actions          
  12. § Generating Triggers
  13. Script
  14. Workflow Process
  15. Synchronous and Asynchronous Workflow Processes
  16. Error Handling in Workflows
  17. Debugging the Workflow Process in Runtime environment
  18. Workflow Monitor Agent and Workflow Process Manager
  19. Workflow Action Agent
  20. Introduction about Repeating Component Request (RCR)
  21. Invoking Workflow Process through Repeating Component Request (RCR)

Siebel Scripting:

  1. Introduction to Siebel Business Services
  2. Client site and Server site Scripts
  3. Define the methods of a Business Service
  4. Define Inputs and Outputs arguments of a Business Service
  5. Debugging and error handling in Business Service
  6. Testing the Business Service

Siebel ebusiness Application Integration (EAI):

  1. Need of Integration
  2. Introduction about Siebel Integration
  3. Siebel Internal Integration Object
  4. Siebel External Integration Object
  5. Siebel Vanilla Business Services
  6. How to write a Custom Business Service
  7. Introduction to XML
  8. Exchange of data through XML
  9. Generating Siebel Data in XML format
  10. Siebel Data Mapper to converter external data to internal data
  11. Data Transformation Engine Business Service
  12. EAI Transport Business Services
  13. EAI Dispatch Business Service
  14. Integration using Workflows
  15. Integration using Scripts
  16. Sending the Siebel data to the external system
  17. Getting the external system data and inserting into Siebel
  18. Sending Siebel data to the MQ series Queue
  19. Getting the External system data from MQ Series Queue and inserting into Siebel
  20. Introduction about Web Services
  21. Generating WSDL file
  22. Inbound and Outbound Web Services
  23. Integration over IBM MQSeries (Inbound & Outbound)
  24. Integration over Virtual Business Components
  25. Integration over External Business Components

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