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SAS syllabus

SAS syllabus

Module 1

Introduction to SAS

Origin, Version&Applocation

Working with different os (mvs, unix, windows)

Simple programming with SAS

Structure of SAS programming

Data types system options

Styles of input statements

Delimiter, dsd

Temporary and permanent data sets

File name, lib name

Proc contents, proc print

Set, keep and drop

If then else, length

Numeric data, arithmetic operators sum, round, length

Character data type scan, left, trim, length, logical

Operators, and, or, upper case

Sas functions

Concatentation, inter leaving, updating

Merging (one to one, match merge, in=)

Do loops, arrays, end retain

Sas date formats, informats

Date functions, today ()

Module -II

Working with sas procedures

Proc print, proc format, proc report

Proc sort (first. last.)

Proc append, renaming

Proc summary, proc compare

Put, data_nul_._,_n_,_error._

Proc print to, file=

Proc chart, proc plot, proc sql


Sas macros

Macro varables, macros processin, macro functions

Automatic macro variables, synput, symget, macro quoting



Sas access, Sas connect

Different methods to access dbms/rdbms

Compute services, RLS, DTS UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD

Module –V

Sas stat

Proc univarites, proc summary, proc transpose

Proc frequency, proc means, proc tablates

Anova, glm, logistics

Coor, reg, rank

Sas graph


Sas ets

Proc forecast, proc loan, proc model


Concepts to

Data warehousing, data mining, data modeling

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