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This course provides an in - depth study of the design, development and publication of object-oriented application for the iphone nd ipod touch platforms using the Apple SDK. Students will learn to utilize Objective-C and the various SDK frameworks to build iphone & ipod touch applications under Mac OSX. .
  • Intro to Mac OS X and Cocoa Touch, Objective-C and Tools
  • Using Objective-C, Foundation objects
  • Custom classes, Memory Management, ObjC Properties
  • MVC, Interface Builder, Control & target-action
  • Views, Animation, Open GL
  • View Controllers
  • Navigation Controllers, Tab Bar Controllers, Seraching
  • TableViews
  • Dealing with Data: User Defaults, SQLite, Web Services
  • Threading Notifications, KVC
  • Text, Responders, Moal Views
  • Address Book
  • WebViews, MapKit
  • Multitouch, Gestures
  • Device APIs: Location, Accelerometer, Compass, Battery Life
  • Audio playback, Video playback, Image/Video Picker, ipot Media Access
  • Bonjour, Streams, networking, GameKi
  • Unit testing, Objective-C, localization.
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