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Digitization and scanning are two very different processes. While scanning essentially takes a picture of a document and makes it available on a disc for storage or for printing, digitization stores the information contained in a document, picture or a sound file and makes it available in any type format of your choosing

Scanning and digitizing are good options if you want to preserve or share corporate archives, government records and documentation, library collections, or fragile books and documents. Not only do these processes significantly reduce storage space-an entire room of books can be reduced to the space on one bookshelf-they provide a means to share the material with large groups of interested patrons or subscribers

we have completed many degitization projects in Government and Private Sector.

Digitization is the ideal way to compress and store information but it can be very labor intensive. Rather than spend your resources on the time, money and labor it takes to do your own digitization, you can assign that particular part of your project to us and concentrate your resource on higher profit margin tasks


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