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Business Objects

 1.Business Objects XI Architecture
 2.Central Management Console
 3.central Configuration Manager
 5.Universe Designer
 6.Webi Rich Client (Web Intelligence)    
 7.Import Wizard
 8.Publishing Wizard
 9.Desktop Intelligence
 10.Query as a Web Services
 11.Live Office
 12.Xcelsius 2008 sp3

 13.Webi Rich Client (Web Intelligence )
 14.Universe Designer (SAP BI)
 15.SAPBO – Voyager
 16.SAPBO – Widgets
 17.SAPBO – Dashboard Builder
 18.Introduction to SAP Bo
 19.Introduction : Integration with SAP  BI-BO


  1. Business Objects XI Architecture
  2. Central Management Console
  1. User  , Group , Folder – Creation  &  Authentication.
  2. Setting User preferences
  3. Access Controls
  4. Voyager Connections
  5. Scheduling

3. Using Business Objects Infoview

  1. Infoview  –  Introduction , Web Desktop Overview , Folders and Categories.
  2. Infoview Using Objects
  3. Infoview Integration for SAP Solutions

4. Universe Designer

  1. Getting Start with Universe
  2. Setting Universe parameters and options
  3. Working with Tables
  4. View Column Values
  5. Working  with Joins
  6. Using Contexts
  7. Solving Join path problems
  8. Creating Classes and Objects
  9. Working with List of  Values
  10. Formatting cells
  11. Using the Query Panel
  12. Checking the Universe
  13. Setting Access Restrictions
  14. Testing and managing the Univer

5.BO Crystal reports

  1. Cross table wizard
  2. OLAP cube report wizard
  3. Connection using ODBL
  4. ADO
  5. Oracle Server
  6. Universal Connection
  7. Reports Header, Repetition Page header, Footer, Details
  8. Text Objects
  9. Groups
  10. Summary, Cross tables
  11. OLAP Grid Sub Reports
  12. Insert line,box,pictures
  13. Charts, formulas
  14. Special fields

6.BO XI-R/3 Features

  1. Creating the universe from SAP system
  2. BW publisher integrations
  3. Auto generated classes and objects based on dimensions and key figures
  4. Creating Hierarchies
  5. Exporting the universe
  6. Creating desk top intelligence reports using SAP universe
  7. DASH BOARDS using info view
  8. Xcelsuis reports using excel sheets
  9. Appling conditions formatting options in Xcelsius reports
  10. Creating the cystal reports based in source info cubes
  11. Creating info cubes on Exiting Bex quries

7.Qurey as Web Service (Qaaws)

  1. Usage of query as web service
  2. How to Configure and view
  3. Viewing the universe and Webi  reports using the web service
  4. Viewing the Crystal Xcelsius reports using web service

8.Live Office

  1. Introduction
  2. How data can be extracted using Live Office
  3. Extractinf data in Xcelcius using Live office

9. Xcelcius

  1. Introducing Crystal Xeclcius with SAP implementation options.
  2. Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stord in a Microsoft excel spreadsheet
  3. Sourced through crystal reports or Web intellibence
  4. Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft excel spreadsheet
  5. Created through the use of live Office
  6. Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard  using analytics as part of dashboard manager
  7. Create through the use of query as a web service (QaaWS)
  8. Create an analytis dashboard from SAP data through a universe

10.Webi Rich client (web intelligence)

  1. Introduction to desktop intelligence
  2. Report creation
  3. Publishing the report
  4. Understanding how universes allow you to query database using everyday business terms
  5. Understanding Web Intelligence Core functionalities
  6. Creating a document in the Web Intelligence Rich Client
  7. Viewing a Web Intelligence document in info View
  8. Building a simple query
  9. Working with query properties
  10. Restricting data with query filters
  11. Modifying a query with a predefined query filter
  12. Applying a single – value query filter
  13. Using prompts to restrict data  , Complex filters
  14. Working in the Report Panel
  15. Displaying data in tables and charts
  16. Using breaks and cross tabs
  17. Formatting break , Calculations , cross tabs and report filters
  18. Using default and custom sorts
  19. Ranking data to see top or bottom values
  20. Using alerter to highlight information
  21. Organizing a report into sections
  22. Copying data to other applications
  23. Preparing document for PDF and print
  24. Document formatting
  25. Exporting documents from the Rich Client
  26. Accessing Info View
11. SAPBO – Voyager
  1. Getting started with Business Objects Voyager , Using Queries to Analyze Cube Data
  2. Highlighting Exceptions in Data , Using Voyager with SAP ,Logging on to SAP
  3. Member Selector with SAP data  , Using Variables , Mandatory and optional variables
  4. Variable types , More about variables , Free Characteristics , Key figures and formatted values
  5.  Formatting with no key figures , Display Attributes , Compounded characteristics
  6. Mutually exclusive Hierarchies , Unbalanced and Ragged Hierarchies , SAP display attributes

12.Universe Designer

  1.   Understanding how universes allow users to query database using everyday business terms
  2.   Creating  an ODBC connection to the course database
  3. Creating a Universe
  4. Populating the universe structure
  5. Defining joins in a universe

 13. SAPBO - Widgets

  1. Installing BI Widgets
  2. Using BI Widgets to Access BI content 19
  3. Login to BI Widgets
  4. Locating content BI content on one or more XI R3 servers
  5. Using BI Widgets explorer to view content
  6. Using BI Widgets with Xcelsius documents
  7. Importing an Xcelsuis document as a widget
  8. Selecting and opening a web Intelligence Report
  9. Viewing a Web Intelligence Document


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